Saturday, July 12, 2014

Talk To The Clouds

"You must not blame me
if I do talk to the clouds."

To beat the Saturday Asheville crowds, I drove to the supermarket early to stock up for the weekend. The air was cool, with some fog. My ten-minute ride from the house was beautiful. With little traffic, I took my time and looked deeply at the scenery and animals I passed, the stunning visuals. Crows, wild rabbits, deer, and the spectacular clouds, mountains, and trees.

How often am I in a rush and fail to notice all this beauty around me?

Sonic Drive Inn and the clock tower left standing after demolition of the American Enka Plant
A wisp of fog clung to the brick clock tower, which seemed to evoke the past, those things gone. The red plastic Sonic facade is a snapshot of today. And the tree and sky? Well, that is a timeless forever.

Four air balloons were out, but here is one, above a home in Candler, North Carolina
From this vantage point, the rural setting is as beautiful as the flight. I followed the balloon in my car for awhile, then pulled over and took this photo. The air was quiet, except for the roar of the balloon burner. I sat and watched the azure sky. And yes, I talked to the clouds with delight.

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