Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Faith Shines

This is what negative degrees look like. 
First light, new day.
Freezing cold outside.

But everything is 

clear and dry.

The United States is in the middle of a weather phenomenon called the Polar Vortex, responsible for one of the nation's coldest periods in two decades. We are all a-buzz with the cold today.

Western North Carolina is dealing with the coldest temperatures since 1985. Stay warm. Move smart, my friends... It is remarkably clear outside. The cold sky is absolutely beautiful.

All is gold. Inside. Outside. Along the ridge. Asheville glows.

Kolo close to me.
Kolo, huddles closer to me on the couch as I work on dailycelebrations.com. She snuggles deeply, as if to say, "please stay put." This tenacious dog makes it difficult for me to get up. However, I need to check on my sun which will rise without me.

Determination wins again.

Remembered my shoes.
I wait for the sun. Cresting the ridge, blazing, rising, throwing shadows and sparks against the ice flecked deck...

"I see heaven's glories shine
and faith shines equal."
~ Emily Brontë

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