Friday, April 27, 2012


 Catch it before it dissolves. A break in the gray, a beautiful white heart fills the sky. See it? A kiss from Nature, a promise, a gentle reminder.

"Ask questions from your heart 
and you will be answered from the heart."
 ~ Omaha Indian Proverb

Whirling fog & clouds. Softness, like heartbreak. (Yes, my heart is broken.) Gray, mostly, but wild tinged of pale red-pink light. Birds loving it. (Photo)... 

After the rain, everything rocks green. Hundreds or birds singing. (Photo)... Rain kissed garden flowers. Lavender blue.  (Photo)... "Nature somehow knows," I think. 

This locus tree tilts right, bending south with strong branches, elegant leaves. Nice to watch birds & clouds. (Photo)... It is true good things come to those who wait and so briefly, maybe five seconds, my sun came out to see me. & the heart opens wide, for an instant.

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