Saturday, January 7, 2012


My heart is heavy this morning, word from Hawaii is my beloved great Uncle Joe is dying. There are not enough tears.  ...& Of course, the sky responds with a glorious, comforting rainbow of colors.

"I think of my art as a process
of re-composition in which forgotten and unwanted objects
are orchestrated into a new synthesis
one that will, I hope, provoke viewers."
~ Launa Romoff

Every morning, while waiting for the sun to rise, I look down from my ridge to the cove below. Often from my perch, I watch this farm and these cows. I dream, imagine. Plan. Pray. Looking at them gives me such peace.

I thought it would be nice to ride down the 1/2 mile to the bottom of my road and catch the sun coming up over the farm. As usually happens, the shot turned out better than I imagined...


  1. It is beautiful. Came here via Kerri's blog. Sorry to hear of your beloved uncle.

  2. May the sun light your uncle's path as it seems to yours. Splendid sunrises! I'm visiting from Kerri.