Tuesday, August 9, 2011

#14 ❤ Leap of Faith

"Credo ut itelligem--
belief precedes
it is the first step.
We need to make an intial leap of faith.
Faith is stronger than fear,
and fear is the killer of
~ Anne Hazard Aldrich

7:15 Leap of Faith... That is what this ritual is. Every morning. As I contemplate life's challenges, I believe in human potential for creativity and compassion. I know that faith is stronger than fear and I am reassured by this living proof of redemption.

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  1. Leia:
    I'm addicted to looking at the sunrise captured by you every morning. I guess you know that, by now.

    Just keep em coming. And, let me know when that "Sunrise" book gets put together. :o)

    What a contribution you are to the world. Thank you.