Monday, August 9, 2010

Live More Abundantly

"For me,
education means to inspire people
to live more abundantly,
learn to begin with life as they find it
and make it better."
Carter G. Woodson

Watercolor sky of grays, lavendars, and pinks. Golden light radiates from behind the clouds. Sun there, of course. Waiting for you...Gentle rays, heaven's spotlight, stream from behind clouds. Clouds moving left to right. Pink, the sky is all pink. Wonder.
Red sun peeking. Again, the catch-your-breath beauty. There. And the promise. "You can do anything."

Wow. I need a wider lense...

This keeps getting better. No way I'll be able to choose just one photo...

Show off sun. Now it's trying to outdo itself with beauty. Okay, I'll keep snapping... So beautiful. Stunning. All this natural wonder. How can we not aspire to goodness?

Thank you, @michaelfmuller, for choosing: Mountain Xpress

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