Monday, August 16, 2010

Important Things

Don't give up. Just don't.

"A shaft of sunlight
at the end of a dark afternoon,
a note in
and the way the back of a baby’s neck smells
if its
mother keeps it tidy…
Those are the important things."
E. B. White

Blanketed in fog. Thick, wet fog. Doesn't look too promising for sunrise... Cove completely covered in fog. Remarkable. Can't see beyond my arm's length. But up above, sky is clear. Maybe clouds will rise, like a curtain, for the sun... AMAZING, watching the fog break, clouds move. Spectacular show. Makes me dream and wish and feel good.

Don't know if sun will break through, but w/all this drama, the ridge is visible, curving like a resting bear against the mist...There is a glowing red where the sun should be. Come out, please...Oh my. There it is. Gorgeous red orange, held up by the clouds... & my heart.
Coincidence? Perhaps. I'm going with miracle.

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